Saturday, December 10, 2011

CIE Holiday Expo

 Crafts with Parker
 Picture with Santa

 Pancake breakfast
 CIE group shot
 Ava wrote her name all by herself ( I know she does have an easy name but hey it is pretty good)
Face painting

Ava had an absolute blast this year at the expo. She loved all the crafts ( and could do them by herself), loved the pancake breakfast ( and all the sugary toppings to go on them), and had so much fun playing and running around with her friends and all my friends!!


Leigh W. said...

I am bummed we missed this year. We really needed a morning at home. B wants to wear undies like her friends at school, but needs some time at home to "practice" potty so she can! Not such great timing for mommy with Christmas but I need to do it when she is ready!

Leigh W. said...

oh.. and yeah, Ava's name looks great!!