Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st Teeth.....Finally

Ava finally has teeth!! Saturday for my birthday Ava's present to me was her first 2 teeth. She wasn't really all that ill, but Meme was poking around in Ava's mouth and discovered that her two bottom teeth had finally cut through. I was beginning to think she was never going to get teeth. Everyone came to get a closer look even though you can't see them yet. Sorry it took so long to get these pictures up but I have been have been having trouble getting them to upload.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Shoot

Yesterday was photo shoot day. I wanted to get a picture of Ava in her Halloween costume for our Halloween card and I also need a good picture because I am getting an oil painting done. The Halloween picture turned out pretty good, but I don't think I have found the perfect picture for the painting just yet. I am going to try again tomorrow when we go out to mom and dad's and hopefully get a good outside picture. This is maybe going to be Ava's Halloween costume a kangeroo. It is pretty cute we think, but we are still going to be on the lookout just in case we find something else.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Seriously Mom do I have to wear this hat??
Thanks Meme and Ping I love my stingray!!
Ava and her new favorite toy a stingray.
Yummy I love frosted orange!!!

After the aquarium for lunch we went to the Varsity also a first for Ava. Meme was really excited about Ava having a Varsity Frosted Orange. Of course Ava loved the frosted orange...was there any doubt?? She ate it up and enjoyed her visit to the Varsity. She said next time we go to the Varsity she wants a chili dog....

Aquarium with Meme and Ping

Today we took Ava to the Aquarium for the 1st time, it was also Meme and Ping's first time to. She was all set in her new blue ocean dress with fish on it. I had been telling her all week about all the cool fish she was going to see. We also practiced saying fishy. Luckily the aquarium was not too crowded so we got a really good view of all the fish. Ava loved all the fish and people watching because she is really nosy......umm not sure where she gets that from??? She had a really good time but I think her favorite part was the gift shop because her Meme and Ping bought her a surprise , a gray stingray stuffed animal that she hasn't let ago of since we got home.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just being cute

Sunday Chris and I went to the mall and Ava went to stay with Nana and Grandpa. This was before we left and I got a few pictures because her hair looked cute.

Dove, Duck, and Deer

Saturday we went over to Uncle Grant and Aunt Lindsey's to have dinner and watch the game. Grant had been hunting so we had all the poor little animals he killed dove, duck, and deer. Everything was very good and Chris even ate some deer.

Aunt Lindsey thought it would be fun to give Ava a nice sticky messy sucker. Then Meme thought it would be fun to let her get all sticky and get it all over her shirt.
She did love it and was really sad when it was gone. Then we had to go and get a bath.
Ping doing his football pose with Uncle Mike's Bulldog helmet. He looks so serious.....
I'm pretty sure Uncle Mike pinched her or something. She was really happy and then bam she is crying. Notice Uncle Mike has a red mark on his forehead that is from wearing the football helmet all day.

Girls Night Out

Friday night was girl's night out!! We ate at the Japanese Steakhouse and then went to the movies to see The Women. It was really a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again hopefully next month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Magic Bullet

Chris loves gadgets and gizmos of all kinds. He is always buying something new that is the latest greatest thing ever. We have so much "stuff" around here it is crazy. Well this weekend he bought a Magic Bullet. If you have never seen a magic bullet it is basically a small blender like contraption where you can make frozen drinks, smoothies, salsa, and apparently baby food. So far this week we have had all kinds if smoothies, milkshakes, and even soup that Chris made. Chris thought it would be cool and healthy if he made Ava's baby food. He has a plan to make the baby food and put it in ice trays to freeze it in little frozen blocks that we can thaw when we are ready to serve them to her. Okay good idea but I didn't really think he would go through with it, but he did. When I got home from work with Ava he had her snack already prepared and sitting on the table. It was bright green and I wasn't sure what it was, but it was broccoli. So today I let Chris feed Ava her snack of broccoli instead of her usual fruit. As you can see from the pictures Ava was not wild about homemade baby food. Of course we kept giving it to her because it was hilarious to watch. She didn't like the broccoli but she did like the fruit smoothie that Chris made for me. I guess we will see if Chris is going to go into the baby food business??? Meanwhile if you need something blended we now own a Magic Bullet ( which is actually pretty cool).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Smocked Dresses

Ava has some of the most beautiful smocked dresses that were made for her. Some were made by my Grandmother's best friend and some were made by Aunt Lindsey's mother-in-law from Aunt Lindsey. They have been hanging in her closet and we really just haven't gone a lot of special places for her to wear them to. They are so pretty that I have really been hoarding them. I decided today that they are just to pretty to just hang in the closet and collect dust so we wore one today just because!! She looked to beautiful that we are just going to wear them even if it isn't a special occasion. They are actually very soft material and I think Ava was really compfy in it. I can't wait until Christmas because Meme has already put in an order for some holiday dresses!! Thanks Aunt Lindsey and Mama for the wonderful smocked dresses!!
The pictures in the carseat were taken before we went out shopping and the ones on the couch were taken when we got home and Ava was ill, hungry, and tired so we didn't get a smile. Oh well she still looked cute!!

Sunday at the Embrey's

Meemaw and Poppa Don
Ava and Nana
Ava and James
Ava and Aunt Adrienne
Ava and Uncle Brandon

We met over at Nana and Grandpa's today and got to see Ava's cousins Hannah and James , Uncle Brandon and Aunt Adrienne and Meemaw and Poppa Don. James and Ava were due to be born on the same day but Ava came 5 weeks early and James came over a week late. Needless to say James is much bigger than Ava now. They had a big time sitting with Chris and talking in their baby language to each other.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you ready for some football???

For the next 12 weeks on Saturdays you can find us at home watching college football. Of course the Bulldogs are our favorite, but we watch whoever is on when the dawgs aren't playing. Ava has lots of outfits to support her favorite team. Today she is modeling a cheerleading outfit that her Uncle Mike bought for her. Today she wasn't really that interested in the game instead she was interested in being in a bad mood. She is usually so happy and hardly ever cries, but today for some reason she was really whiny. Hopefully she will be in a better mood tomorrow.

Funny Pictures

I just found these pictures on the camera and thought they were really cute. Chris took them one day when he picked her up early and it was just the two of them. As you can see Ava thinks her daddy is really funny!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Other Happenings

Here is Ava's newest toy. We are trying to find toys that hold her attention for more than 15 minutes. I think she last about 15-20 minutes in this so job well done. She has the shortest attention span...umm not sure where she gets that from... not sure about the Elvis snarl she has going on.
I tried out her sippy cup last week and it looks like she was really drinking from it but really she was just chewing on it. She didn't really seem to like the juice too much. Barley however was really interested.

Long Lost Callie Girl
Yes friends this is Callie. Now Callie Elliott. We went over Friday night to the Elliott's and who did we find but good ole Callie Girl!! Callie loves her new home and the Elliott's love her. She is doing great and is spoiled rotten!!
Here is a picture from Saturday at Leah Elliott and Jeff Farmer's wedding. It was beautiful and everything went perfect!! Ava was invited but I thought it would be better if she stayed with her Daddy. I didn't want to be the one with the baby screaming during the ceremony.

Labor Day Weekend

Game Day

Getting ready to watch the game with Uncle Mike. Ava has enough Bulldog outfits to make it through the whole season!!! Uncle Mike and Daddy had Ava in her real cheerleader outfit the night before, sorry no pictures of that outfit yet.

Here is Ava and Aunt Lindsey before the ear piercing. I made Lindsey hold her because I wanted to take pictures and because I was a big chicken.
This pitiful little face was when they alcohol swabbed her ears. I guess she didn't like the cold. Needless to say that wasn't the worst part. She did really well and only cried for just a little while. They gave her a sucker and amazingly she dried right up and was happy as can be. Now she loves suckers. Oh yeah she wasn't happy!! But it was worth it and her ears look super cute. She now has little tiny diamond earrings and they look great!!

Here is Ava Sunday morning eating breakfast with her Ping!!! This highchair is really pretty but Ava does not sit well in it yet. I had to keep sitting her back up.

Sorry the post have been slow. It was a slow uneventful week.