Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow at School!!

Here are a few pictures of my class on Wednesday when it snowed. You would have thought they had never seen snow, when they had seen 4 inches the week before. But we went out and ran in it and acted crazy. They loved it and so did I. Too bad it didn't last or stick, but we had fun anyways!!

That is candy in their mouths. We were having snack during the snow so they were eating their Valentine's snack.

My camera died so I couldn't get any video, but it was pretty funny.

Krispy Kreme!!!!

Last Saturday my Georgia State Graduate class had a field trip to the zoo to observe and research the animals playing. Luckily families were invited so since the weather was so nice I took Ava. It was her second trip to the zoo, but she enjoyed it so much more than the first time we went. Her favorite animals (Pandas) were out and moving around like crazy so that was awesome for her to see. Sorry I didn't take any pictures because I didn't have my good camera. After our morning at the zoo since we were downtown we headed over to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. After my spectacular navigational skills to find it we got there parked and went to eat only to find it was closed. Apparently it shut down a few weeks before. So sad I always loved going there. But since we were on Ponce we couldn't pass up the chance to stop by for hot Krispy Kremes. Every time Christina and I are within the perimeter we find our way to hot donuts!! This was Ava's first trip and she loved the donuts. She ate 1 there and then a few more when we got home. Here are a few pics from our adventure!!

Ava and Christina

Saturday, February 13, 2010

**SNOW 2010***

WE got some cute pictures, but Ava really did not like the snow. She would not touch it but did start running in it after about 10 minutes of being out there. She liked looking out the window at it but not so crazy about playing in it. She did enjoy the day off from school. She slept until 2:15 in the afternoon. She was so tired all week so I guess she really needed to catch up on her rest.
Ready to go out

running in the snow

Barley loving the snow

Family shot