Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ava lea Jesus loves me ( the remix)

I know we are a little bias but I am pretty sure this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
( If it is slow loading you can click on it and view right from Youtube)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Friday Chelsey came to visit with the twins Chance and Lauryn. Ava loves looking at their pictures and talking about them but I wasn't really sure how she would do with them in person. Since Chelsey lives in Ohio this was the first time we had actually seen them. Ava wasted no time wanting to hold them. She hopped right up on the sofa and wanted to hold them. She wanted to hold them both at the same time but we convinced her to hold them one at a time.

Even Chris held Chance. I think this is a cute picture of them spending some man time together!!

AVa and Chance

It was pretty sweet watching Ava with the babies. She would hold their heads and just rub their little arms. She actually did a lot better with them than I expected. And no just because she liked the babies doesn't mean we will be getting one for her. Sorry Nana but we are done!! I'm sure she can wait for Uncle Eric or Geech to have a baby!!

Terrible Twos

I can't even remember why she was screaming like this, but you would have thought something was seriously wrong. It was just chocolate pudding.

Literally 2 seconds later

Oh yeah no worries here

We are experiencing some serious mood swings over here at The Embrey House. Picture #1= the reason we will have no more children!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy 28th Birthday to the BEST Daddy in the world!!!!

Gwinnett Braves

Sunday we took Av to her 1st baseball game to see the Gwinnett Braves play. Uncle Mike hooked us up with some pretty awesome suite tickets since he works for Coolray and the game was at the Coolray Stadium. It was such a nice stadium and really a great place for the whole family. Ava had a blast and loved watching the baseball game. She was so good and hopefully we will take her to a real Braves game really soon.

Waiting in the car for Uncle Mike with the tickets

Walking in with Daddy and Uncle Shane

The field

Waitng to see Chopper with Daddy

Chopper the groundhog mascot. Ava loved Chopper and actually went up and hugged him and got her picture taken with him. She thought he was so funny!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My new class

I always forget how hard it is to start over each year. It is like when you just get in a really good groove and then bam it is over and you have to start over from scratch. That is one of the really hard parts of being a teacher. I had to say good bye to my babies from last year and start all over with a fresh set of faces. I just forget how much my kids learn over the year and how hard it is to teach my procedures and likes/dislikes to a new group. I love my job but hate saying good bye and starting over. I have a really sweet group this year for the most part. I can tell it is going to be an interesting year with the mixture of kids I have. I don't think we have any boring days that is for sure. They are definitely going to keep me on my toes and teach me a lot!!! On a really awesome note I do have a student teacher from Georgia State so I am really excited about having help this year and watching her grow as a teacher. I had a really great placement when I did my student teaching so I hope to inspire her as mine did for me!!

Our first trip out of the classroom. Pretty awesome line for our first day!!

End of the day!! We made through our first day!! Barely!!

1st Day of School

Better late than never since we started school last week, but it has been a busy week starting back. Here are a few shots from Ava's first day before we left. Since I drop her off early I don't actually drop her off with her teacher in her classroom so I don't have any pictures of that, but these at least show her outfit for the first day.

It has been crazy getting this girl used to going back to school and especially getting up early ( since she slept until about 10 over the summer). So she has been pretty grumpy lately. The first day of school she went to bed at 5:45. Since then she is getting into a routine and has been able to stay up until her normal bedtime of 7. She is finally back to the sweet little girl we know and love and not the grumpy terrible 2 crazy child!! Thank goodness Chris and I were seriously thinking about shipping her off!! Haha!!