Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Too Big!!

We can't believe how much Ava is starting to look like a little girl and not a baby anymore. She is 15 months now!! It is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone by. She is walking and talking like crazy and I think we are entering the terrible 2s at 15 months. She has become such a mess lately. Thank goodness she is cute!!

Pool Time

Chris cleaned out the garage on Saturday and we found this little pool we had  for Barley. Chris thought since it was so hot maybe Ava would like to sit in it. So we warmed up the water and broke out the bathing suit and put her in. She looks pretty happy in the pictures but she really hated it. She sayed in for maybe 4 minutes. I'm hoping that she will like Meme and Ping's big pool a lot better than this little pool this summer.

Uncle Grant dipped his feet in too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

The computer has been acting stupid lately and I had a hard time getting the pictures to upload but I finally got them on here. We had a lot of fun over the Easter weekend. On Saturday we spent the day at Mom and Dad's for their Easter Eggstravaganza!! Mom and Dad hid over 130 eggs for us to hunt loaded with money and prizes. This wasn't Ava's hunt this was for the adults: me and Chris, Lindsey and Grant, Eric, Mike, and Tim. Grant found the most eggs. Eric found the least eggs. I found the golden egg and Lindsey found the silver egg. Everyone found money eggs and prize eggs!! It was loads of fun!!

Ava's seat for dying eggs
me and Grant dying eggs
Ava's hunt!! She didn't like the grass but she got better as the weekend went on.
Ava and Aunt Lindsey counting eggs
Ava's goodies from the Easter Bunny
Ava and Daddy ready to go to church
This is the best picture we got of Ava's dress
Family shot before church
Hunting eggs at the Hiett Easter Egg Hunt
Ava finally got used to walking in the grass
Happy Easter 2009 Love the Embreys

Monday, April 6, 2009

Barley's summer cut


Just take my picture and give me my treat

Barley is now officially ready for some warm weather!! We took him today for a major haircut. He looks really different, but his hair was getting so long that we were ready for a change. We got him cut pretty short but I think he looks really cute!!

Saturday Fun Day

Grant eating McDonald's notice the bean bag score board in the background
Eating fries with Aunt Lindsey
Me, Mike, and Tim

Saturday we all enjoyed some time outside since the weather was so nice. Uncle Mike, Uncle Eric, Uncle Tim, and Uncle Grant and Aunt Lindsey all came over to hang out. Ava hates the grass so we had to get her a towel to sit on, but she stayed in her little area all day. I really thought she would like the grass, but not so much. I'm hoping we will have better luck this weekend hunting Easter eggs in the grass.

Playing Babies

Not much of a snuggle bug
Come on Uncle Mike let's play

Showing Uncle Mike her baby
Gotta catch me!!

Ava and Uncle Mike had some really fun times playing babies this past week. Ava showed Uncle Mike how to feed and love the babies. Her new saying is "awe wee" when she loves on her babies. She is also walking like crazy!! Finally!!

Twilight Party

Angela and Christina
Sara, me, Angela, Christina, Lindsey, and Katie


With my lastest obsession Twilight, I thought it only fitting to have a Twilight movie night when the movie came to DVD. Since Twilight is the coolest thing to hit CIE in awhile here are a few shots of the faithful Twi-hards from 3rd grade!! If you haven't read the Twilight books you really should they are awesome and highly addictive!!