Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clean cars for everyone

Everyone got their car washed on Sunday since the weather was so beautiful. Ava loves helping wash cars but today her car was dirty so it needed washing too. Ava definitely gets this from her Daddy because I have never met anyone who loves to wash their car as much as him. His car never stays dirty for more than a few days before he has to get out and wash it. Doesn't matter if it is freezing cold or scorching hot, that car has to be clean. I washed my car too but there are no pictures of it clean. Since I got my new car I have been very good about keeping it clean. Not as much as Chris but pretty close. Of course I will go through a carwash and he would never dream of doing that to his car.

Special Date

Friday night I had a very special date with Tiarra one of my students. Tiarra and I had a special deal that if she tried her best for the last months of school and on the CRCT and she had a great attitude she would win a special date with me on the night of CIE's spring carnival. Well Tiarra did a great job sticking to our deal and for reward we got to spend a fun night together. She came home with me and we ate at Applebee's and went to the spring carnival. I forgot my camera card at Applebee's so I couldn't take any pictures there but Chris did take our picture when we got home. We all had a blast and I enjoyed spending time with one of my favorite students outside of school. I had never done anything like this before, but I definitely think I will do it again. We had a great time and I know that it will be something that we both remember.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Braves Game

Sunday we went to our 2nd Braves game of the season. It was a nice day and the Braves kicked some serious bootie!!

Mike and Becca

Lindsey and Grant

Pool Time

Let me start by saying sorry for bein such a bad blogger. I really don't have an excuse. I finished up with grad school for this semester so you would think that I had more time, but with the school year coming to an end I have been exhausted. Not much exciting has been going on but here are some pictures of the last few weekends at Meme and Ping's pool AKA Ava's pool!! Ava is still a little fish swimming like crazy and jumping in like it's nobody's business!!