Sunday, October 17, 2010

Officer Kendig visits

For our 3rd grade unit on government I invited a very special guest speaker to come and talk to the kids about our local branch of government. Officer Eric Kendig!!! The kids were super excited to have him visit and he did a really great job explaining local government to a room full of 3rd graders. The kids favorite part was when Officer Kendig put me in handcuffs and left me in them the whole time he talked.

Listening intently

Haha Mrs. Embrey is in handcuffs

One of my kids in Eric's SWAT gear

We even got to see his car

Group shot

Bye Eric!! Go serve and protect!!

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Here are some pictures from our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. This year Uncle Grant joined in our trip. It was a great time had by all.

Coloring with Uncle Mike

Just hanging out Saturday coloring with Unlce Mike

Monday, October 4, 2010

Spiderman meets Princess

It kind of looks like she is sticking her finger in the socket but it is covered I promise!!

Ava is in love with Spiderman these days. I don't know how it started but she is completely obsessed. She still loves her Princesses but now Spiderman is on the top too. She even sits and watches the Spiderman movies. She goes around shooting webs on everything and even talks to Spiderman. Apparently he comes in her room at night and they talk and he sleeps in her bed. She has a very vivid imagination these days. She was also attacked by a purple bear who ate her birthday cake on the playground last week. She has a lot of stories. I thought this outfit was funny. Spiderman shirt with Princess shoes. Saturday we got Spiderman shoes so we don't have to mix the two anymore. She informed me that the Princess shoes did not match her Spiderman shirt and she needed Spiderman shoes. So we got her some new shoes to wear. I am hoping that by the time her birthday rolls around we will be back to Princesses. Right now all she talks about it having a Spiderman birthday cake. I just don't know if I can do the Spiderman thing for her birthday. I was really looking forward to having a Princess Party, but may be out ruled!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010