Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

1st stop of the day: Meme and Ping's

New shoes from Meme and Ping
The best Christmas present ever: A book with pictures of Ava
( this was the best gift we gave all year: mom cried so you know it was good)
2nd Stop: Embrey House
Before we opened presents

Ava's new bike from Meemaw and Papa Don

All our presents when we got home

Ta Da!!! Ava's new playroom!!

This was by far our best Christmas ever. It was so much fun watching Ava open all her presents and really get into Christmas this year. I know this will be the first of many great Christmases to come with our precious little angel!!

Santa came to town!!

Ava definitely must have been on the nice list because Santa was very good to her. We were worried that she may have got put on the naughty list with those terrible twos fastly approaching, but she was in the clear this year for sure!!

Some PJs and clothesA slide and more clothes
A kitchen set with the works and some bath toys
Ava got so many cool things Santa had to spread them out

I think she liked the slide
Not sure about all the toys at first
Yeah this is pretty cool!!
Thanks Santa from a very nice girl!!

Christmas Eve

Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve at Meme and Ping's house. We never take family pictures so I am really excited to have some good Sansbury pictures.
Ava with Meme and Ping
Family shot

4 generations
4 wheeler from Uncle Mike and Uncle Eric

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been prepping Ava for our visit with Santa. I knew it wasn't on her list of things to do, but I had to have my yearly Santa picture. We have been talking about him and how she would have to sit in his lap so Mommy could get a picture. She kept saying no she didn't want to, but of course I had to take her. Luckily Geech came with us and I must say Ava did excellent. She didn't smile but she did stop screaming and looked at the camera. I thought she did really well considering she REALLY didn't want to see him. I was a little disappointed it wasn't the same Santa as last year. This Santa looked a little out of it. Of course I guess if I had screaming children sitting on my lap all day I might be out of it to.
Eating gummies waiting to see Santa
Not happy but not screaming
Okay Mommy get me outta here


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hiett Christmas

Today we had our Christmas with the Hiett side of the family. Ava really got into opening her presents.

Blue jeans from Grandmommy and Granddaddy
Mr. Potato Head from Uncle Stacy and Aunt Angie
James, Daddy, and Ava
Mommy and Nicole
Ava's new hat from Uncle Tony, Aunt Kelly, Brittany, Lyle, and Landry

opening presents with Grandmommy
Ava and Hannah

Gingerbread House

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Tonight was our annual Christmas dinner at Bone's with Uncle Steve. Here are a few pictures to highlight our night of being with the family for a great steak dinner.

Shane and Kim
Me and Adrienne
The Embreys
Kim, Shane, Brandon, Adrienne, Rachel, Chris

Team Rachel

Move over Edward and Jacob there is a new team in town!!!

This year 12 of us got together to play fantasy football ( me, Chris, Mike, Eric, Brandon, Adrienne and some other friends). We are now in the playoffs this week and of the 4 teams left 3 are girls and 1 boy is left. Needless to say none of "my boys" made it into the playoffs. I, however am in the playoffs despite the ugly comments I heard from Chris, Mike, and Eric at the start of the season about some of my picks. Mike has been very upset that all the girls made it into the playoffs and not him, but to show his support for my team he came over Friday with his Team Rachel shirt he made. I am kicking butt so far so hopefully if I win this weekend I will at least get 2nd place, maybe 1st if I can beat my sister in law Adrienne next week who has kicked butt all season. Hopefully I will win and get all the money the boys put in!!

Christmas Spirit

Ava and Daddy putting the ornaments she made at school on the tree.
Not the greatest pictures but I wanted to show off her Christmas dress. This was actually her Christmas dress from last year but it still fits.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

CIE Christmas Expo!!

I really wanted to practice sitting on Santa's lap before we ventured to see the real Santa at the mall. Saturday we stopped by the CIE Christams Expo to see Santa and make some Christmas crafts. WE started off having a waffle from Waffle House then tried to sit in Santa's lap. She didn't scream her head off, but she didn't like him either. She did want the candy cane so she sat with him for a minute. I got a picture, not a happy picture but a picture. Later after we had been there for awhile she went with her friend Dallas and they sat together. It looks like she is hugging Santa but she really was trying to get away.

Making an ornament with Dallas and Ms. Bonnie
Not happy
Get me outta here!!
Pretty cute picture!!
Ava's new Dallas Doll ( Dallas likes the Dallas Cowboys!
Thanks Dallas Ava is loving her Dallas Doll!!