Saturday, December 19, 2009

Team Rachel

Move over Edward and Jacob there is a new team in town!!!

This year 12 of us got together to play fantasy football ( me, Chris, Mike, Eric, Brandon, Adrienne and some other friends). We are now in the playoffs this week and of the 4 teams left 3 are girls and 1 boy is left. Needless to say none of "my boys" made it into the playoffs. I, however am in the playoffs despite the ugly comments I heard from Chris, Mike, and Eric at the start of the season about some of my picks. Mike has been very upset that all the girls made it into the playoffs and not him, but to show his support for my team he came over Friday with his Team Rachel shirt he made. I am kicking butt so far so hopefully if I win this weekend I will at least get 2nd place, maybe 1st if I can beat my sister in law Adrienne next week who has kicked butt all season. Hopefully I will win and get all the money the boys put in!!

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