Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love these kids!!

I am actually really sad to see this school year come to an end. This is the best class that I have ever had and I am really going to miss them all. Today we celebrated our 3rd and 4th grade Honors day and also did a small play and class awards for the parents. Here are just a few pictures from our big day!!

One of my all time favorites Dallas from my class last year!!
Alyssa who was in my class last year!! I love Alyssa!! Last week when I was having hair issues because the first time I got it cut I didn't like it Alyssa really made my day. After she saw my hair she went and cut her hair to look like mine. She then helped me to figure out instead of the way I had it cut I should stack it in the back like hers. So guess what I did?? I followed Alyssa's advice and went and had it stacked in the back and now I like it much better!! Thanks to the help of a very wise 4th grader!! So here we both are with our new haircuts!!

Group shot
Waiting for the awards to begin
Being silly

Seemed like a good idea!!

I'm no expert at children but I guess the way you teach them to use a spoon and fork is by practicing. We have been letting Ava play with her spoon while she eats ; she gets the concept but has had a hard time actually getting the food on the spoon. Well for dessert Daddy bought her some chocolate pudding and she really wanted to help. Since she gets a bath right after dinner I figured this was as good of time as any to practice with the spoon. She really had fun and besides the mess she did a really good job.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Carnival at CIE

We had our 2nd Spring carnival at CIE tonight and Ava had a blast!! She started her night off with Meme 2(Wanda) eating a rice krispy treat, oatmeal creme pie, and cheetos. Then she moved on to whoever she could find that would let her run free. As you know I have no shame in pawning her off. I call it a dump and run. I let you hold her then I walk off and you are stuck with her. Well tonight was no different. Ava made her way around Cotton Indian from teachers to parents to anyone who would take her. I did get out the monkey backpack aka harness/leash. While some may say it is cruel ( well lots of people actually) Ava really likes it. Plus she is super fast and he keeps her from getting too far away from you. 
Getting ready to go
Katie in the dunk tank
Eating junk food with Meme 2

"Yeah I got on a harness so what!"
Leigh* hanging out with Ava. Leigh who is due in September with a baby girl is probably going to be adding a leash to her registry really soon!!
Yes Leigh she is a runner

* Leigh is a faithful blog reader so I'm glad you finally made it on here!!

Mother's Day

Here are some pictures from Mother's day at Meme and Ping's pool. After the dedication Meme cooked a big lunch and we spent Mother's Day hanging out by the pool.

Mother's Day Baby Dedication

Sunday, May 10th on Mother's Day our church had a baby dedication. We thought this would be the perfect time to dedicate Ava. It was a really sweet service and Ava did great. We were very blessed that family and friends were able to come to church with us and share in this very special time in our lives.

Princess PJs

Here are some cute pictures of the cutest Princess I know!! Tutu and all!!
No outfit is complete without a necklace from Daddy
Biggest Blues I've ever seen!!

Okay mom it's almost bed time!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More fun with a Box

Sorry the pictures are in the wrong order.

It doesn't take much to entertain Ava or Chris. Both have been very entertained with boxes for long periods of time in the past ( Chris with treadmill box sliding down the stairs and Ava with flower box from Valentine's Day). We got a new ping pong table due to some very unfortunate events with our old one breaking and what do you know but it came in a very big box. Chris and Ava had a really good time playing in the yard with their ping pong box. I think it is time to get a wagon!!

PS: Life is pretty boring when this is what I'm blogging about!!

Being Cute

Here are some pictures just because. I took these Saturday when it was just me and Ava. 

I wouldn't let her touch the camera
She loves the camera!! Like Father like Daughter.