Friday, March 27, 2009

Just being cute

Last weekend when the weather was pretty. Ava has a bathing suit that matches her strawberry hat.

Striking a pose for Daddy and the camera!!

St. Patricks Day

I am a little behind with post but I found these pictures from St. Patrick's Day.

Drama Queen

This is the face we see everytime we tell the little Diva NO. Doesn't matter if you say the word no or even just shake your head. She does not like it. Let's just say she cries a lot these days!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing with Baby

Here is some cute video of Ava and Chris playing babies. Ava loves pushing her baby around. She's not the best mom ( throwing the baby around) but she has her moments where she does love on the baby ( not in this video). I have some video of her walking alone but it is on the camcorder and not my camera. She is walking pretty well by herself but still crawls most of the time. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will bring her some toys for her babies!!

I'm also working on getting her to do her vampire impression on video. It is hilarious!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bike Week Daytona Beach

Here are a few "appropriate" pictures from our trip to Bike Week with Chris's parents. I must say it was quite the experience. Although biking is really not my thing we has a blast!! I was really the weirdo out of all the people there because I am not a bike rider and don't have any tattoos. We had fun just hanging out and watching all the people and visiting all the biker hot spots. I hope to have more pictures when we get Kay's camera card. We all had a really good time!! Here I am in front of Rachel's Shoes and Bags
Me and Kay with the owner of the Harley dealership in Daytona

Harley Dealership
random guy with his dog

This is as close to the motorcycles as I get

Scary Christmas motorcycle

Daytona Speed Way

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Steps!!

Ava finally took her first steps today!!! The bad news is our camera was packed up and headed to Daytona and the video camera was dead. Chris and I both saw her do it so that was cool but I don't have it on tape or a picture. Oh well not the first time I've dropped the ball on taking pictures. I also didn't take any pictures of Ava in the snow. Actually we didn't even go out in the snow. We were headed to Newnan Sunday in the snow storm to our nephew James's birthday when we saw this terrible accident and had to turn around and head home. Needless to say it was awful and Chris and I had had enough of the snow by the time we got home. So no snow fun for us!!

We are headed to Daytona tomorrow for Bike week with Chris's parents and Ava will be staying with my parents so i guess she will be walking much better by the time we get home on Sunday. Anyways I will post pictures from bike week next week. We have never been but from what I hear it is pretty crazy!!