Monday, March 9, 2009

Bike Week Daytona Beach

Here are a few "appropriate" pictures from our trip to Bike Week with Chris's parents. I must say it was quite the experience. Although biking is really not my thing we has a blast!! I was really the weirdo out of all the people there because I am not a bike rider and don't have any tattoos. We had fun just hanging out and watching all the people and visiting all the biker hot spots. I hope to have more pictures when we get Kay's camera card. We all had a really good time!! Here I am in front of Rachel's Shoes and Bags
Me and Kay with the owner of the Harley dealership in Daytona

Harley Dealership
random guy with his dog

This is as close to the motorcycles as I get

Scary Christmas motorcycle

Daytona Speed Way

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Joe and Kristy said...

hey girl...i had fun scrolling through your pics from over the last few months. You are way better at posting than me!!! i'm glad you guys got to get away to Daytona. Sounds like you had funn! we are expecting baby#2 in no more than 4 better not be any longer!!! ha ha! you know how those last weeks ya girl! Tell everyone I said hello!

Kristy D.