Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eye Update

Friday we went to the pediatric eye specialist. As we suspected he wants to do surgery on both her eyes. The medical name for what she has is Chalazion LL OD and nasolacrimal duct stenosis with Epiphora. Really she has closed tear ducts and a clogged oil gland causing a bump. So they are going to remove the gland and open her tear ducts. The surgery is really no big deal but she will have to be put to sleep, which is a little scary for me because being put to sleep makes me and my mom very sick. Hopefully Ava didn't inherit this trait and she will be fine, it is just a little scary to think about. Anyways the surgery is scheduled for September 16th when Chris and I are both on vacation. So in the meantime she will have a bump on her eye and teary eyes but after September 16th she will be back to good!!


( this is not Ava's eye just a picture online)

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Official

Eric and Bekah are engaged!!!! We are all so happy for these two. I have prayed for all "my boys" to find that special someone and Eric has definitely found his. I'm not sure who loves Bekah more Eric or Ava??? It is pretty close because Ava loves her some Bekah. Anyways a big congratulations to these 2 love birds. Can't wait until the spring when they get married!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


4th of July

I mean seriously does it get an prettier than this??? Not that we've seen.

Ava and Uncle Mike playing mermaids. I mean to see grown men playing mermaids with a 2 year old. Pretty funny.

Picking Meme's flowers

You would have thought Ping bought this solar pool cover just for Ava to run on. She ran on top of this cover probably a million times ( and so did all the adults). I don't know why she thought it was so fun but everytime she could she would get someone to run on it with her. It really entertained her most of the day. It was so much fun until Daddy and Ping folded it up the next morning and saw that it had killed the grass where it was laying. Ping had layed it out to dry but with the hot sun shining on it and it being a solar cover it fried the grass. Now there is a rectangle section of very dead grass. I guess Ava won't get to run on it again.

Uncle Eric and Bekah's little dog Taz.

Eye Doctor

Ava has had a bump on her eye for the last several months so last week mom and I took her to the eye doctor to get it checked out. After some very expensive drops and massaging her eyes and tear ducts we found out from the eye doctor Friday that she is being referred to a pediatric eye doctor. It is a blogged oil gland bump on her eye and her tear ducts are not opened. So it looks like she will have to have surgery to have the bump removed and her tear ducts opened. I haven't made the appoinment yet but will keep her diagnosis posted on the blog. I must say she handled the drops and eye washing like a champ. She also did an awesome job letting the doctor look at her eyes with a little help from Meme.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Red Cross Blood Drive

The Henry County Sheriff's Department is sponsoring a blood drive in honor of Eric on July 15th from 10-3 at the Sheriff's office in McDonough. The Red Cross will be conducting the blood drive and the Sheriff's Dept will be competing against the Police Dept to see who has the most donors. So please if you aren't busy that day and can donate please go and show your support for Eric. For more information and to make an appointment go to and enter hcgvt under sponsor code. It will give you directions and and let you schedule an appointment. Make sure you sign up under the Sheriff's dept and not the police. We want Eric's team to win!! You get a tshirt and will also be entered in a drawing to win $1000.


Last Day!!!

Today is the BIG day!! Eric's last day of chemo treatment!!!! After 30 treatments he is finally D-O-N-E!! He comes back Wednesday and gets his port taken out and a bone marrow test but after that he will only come back for regular check ups. So praise the Lord he can finally resume life as normal ( or as normal as life is for Eric). God is good all the time!!