Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eye Update

Friday we went to the pediatric eye specialist. As we suspected he wants to do surgery on both her eyes. The medical name for what she has is Chalazion LL OD and nasolacrimal duct stenosis with Epiphora. Really she has closed tear ducts and a clogged oil gland causing a bump. So they are going to remove the gland and open her tear ducts. The surgery is really no big deal but she will have to be put to sleep, which is a little scary for me because being put to sleep makes me and my mom very sick. Hopefully Ava didn't inherit this trait and she will be fine, it is just a little scary to think about. Anyways the surgery is scheduled for September 16th when Chris and I are both on vacation. So in the meantime she will have a bump on her eye and teary eyes but after September 16th she will be back to good!!


( this is not Ava's eye just a picture online)

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