Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ready for Church

Meme had this dress specially made for Ava and we thought it was only appropriate to wear to church after UGA's win on Saturday. I wish we had made a picture of all 3 of us because we all had on red. Oh well these of Miss Priss are pretty cute!! Even with her bandaged chin. I so loved these smocked dresses Meme gets her!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geech's new kitty

Geech (Lindsey) and Uncle Grant came by to show Ava their new kitty. Ava was really excited about "Doris" ( she calls all cats Doris because that is my mom's cat's name). She actually sat down and gently petted the new kitty. She also gave the kitty a lot of kisses. I am trying to talk her Daddy into getting her a kitty,but since he is allergic I don't see that happening.

Game Day Injury

Well it wasn't a football injury, but it was an injury on game day. Ava was running ( taught to her by Daddy) and tripped and hit her princess table. Well her chin hit the table. It looks pretty bad and hurt her, but she is fine. We have had quite a few injuries lately because Ava is so active, but not too many that have bled this bad. Now Ava and Daddy will both have matching chin scars!!

Picture Day

Ava is really into having her picture taken these days at home, but this day was picture day at school. I got her this cute outfit but didn't have a bow that matches so guess what I did??? I made her one. Yes I bought ribbon and made her a bow. It was nothing professional by any means, but hopefully for picture day purposes it turned out okay. I also got her these new black shoes that I thought were super cute. I have no idea how her picture went but hopefully it will be good. Ava is the only girl in her class so if it is a class picture it will be her and 4 boys. Here are a few shots before we left the house.

Every morning she has to have her breakfast in a bag to take to school.

The shoes

Girl's Best Friend

While Barley's intent is usually to get food, he and Ava have become pretty good friends. She loves her Bar Ley and loves to pet him and feed him. This was a picture I took Thursday morning before we went to school. Ava was eating her breakfast and Barley was really interested.

Game Day!! Go Dawgs!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Ava's hair usually doesn't look this crazy, but after she took her bow out and brushed it herself this is what you get. I think I better stick with doing it myself and not letting a 19 month old do her own hair.

This kind of looks like a mug shot

Chris and his Groupie

Here is some video of Ava dancing as Chris plays Guitar Hero. Pretty funny stuff. I guess she gets her dancing moves from me.