Saturday, March 17, 2012

First TBall Game

Ava's first TBall game was a huge success. She did great!! She hit the ball, ran to all the bases, and did great in the outfield running after the ball. We were a little worried but she really did get into it and had a lot of fun. She is the only girl on the team and all the boys are a little distracting to her but for the most part she kept her focus on the game and not on the boys. 

Ping helps Ava in the outfield
Go Mighty Mustangs!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surgery Day

 We had to be at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at 6:00am so it was a very long day. Ava was a champ about getting up and I thought she would sleep until we got there, but she didn't. She woke up ready to go!!
 New Princess Bear from Natasha, Mariah, and Sadie
 Nana and Ava before they took her back

 Grandpa and Nana

 Meme and Ping
 Children's Healthcare was such a nice place and before the surgery Ava got to pick out a toy from their huge toy closet. She picked out a makeup set. I'm sure Dr. Lipsky was so happy she had on lip gloss for her surgery.

Everything with the surgery went great. The bump was just like she had before except this one had just gone really bad. It was not a tumor and after 3-4 stitches it is gone. It looked so much better even right after the surgery. 
It was pretty rough after the surgery and Ava felt bad and was really grumpy. She laid around all day and got caught up on her rest.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ava's thoughts

Ava and I were talking about her surgery and she asked me if the doctor was going to cut her eye with scissors. I told her no he would probably use a knife but she would be asleep and she wouldn't be able to feel it. She thought a minute then said, " Mommy don't worry, God heals all wounds and I know he will heal my eye real fast. And I have a whole bunch of people praying for me". So sweet she is. She is really being a champ about the surgery. I have been telling her what to expect so she isn't scared and she seems excited.

Herding Cats

I thought Herding Cats was a good title for what we like to call 3-4 year old Tball practice. This is Ava's first year and we really had no idea how she would do. The first practice she had a hard time staying focused. Of course practice was at 6:15 which is getting really close to bed time. She did okay she just got tired and was ready for bed before we were done. Thank goodness for her coaches. Coach Jeff and coach Rick are so awesome with these kids. Both have older kids and don't even have small kids anymore, but just like coaching this age group. Bless their hearts!! They are so patient with these kids and I am about to yank my hair out but they just love it. 

This is how we ended practice

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ava will be having surgery to have a conjunctiva neoplasm removed from her eye on Thursday at Children's Healhcare of Atlanta. She had a similar procedure about a year and a half ago when they opened her tear ducts. Apparently this bump is pretty bad and the doctor wants to remove it right away. He will have to cut it and her eye lid will be stitched and glued. The doctor said it will look pretty bad for awhile but should heal up fine. They are are going to biopsy the bump so prayers that comes back fine will be greatly appreciated. I have not liked what I have read about the procedure so we can use all the prayers we can get that everything comes back fine.

*** Procedure is called excisional biopsy of conjuctiva neoplasm

Friday, March 2, 2012

Norfolk Southern Day

 After Ava's doctor appointment to make the most out of our day we stopped by Ping and Geech's office to have lunch with them and check out their work. We ate lunch at Tin Lizzie's which is just a block or two away and Ava got to see the train in the office lobby.