Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ava will be having surgery to have a conjunctiva neoplasm removed from her eye on Thursday at Children's Healhcare of Atlanta. She had a similar procedure about a year and a half ago when they opened her tear ducts. Apparently this bump is pretty bad and the doctor wants to remove it right away. He will have to cut it and her eye lid will be stitched and glued. The doctor said it will look pretty bad for awhile but should heal up fine. They are are going to biopsy the bump so prayers that comes back fine will be greatly appreciated. I have not liked what I have read about the procedure so we can use all the prayers we can get that everything comes back fine.

*** Procedure is called excisional biopsy of conjuctiva neoplasm


Leigh W. said...

Doesn't sound like fun for mommy... we'll be praying for you both!

new outlook said...

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