Saturday, November 29, 2008

Game Day..... Go Dawgs!!

We were trying to get a good picture of Ava in her Christmas dress in front of the tree, but of course she wasn't in the mood. She did however like it when Uncle Mike held her in front of the tree, I guess Ava and Uncle Mike may be the Christmas card this year . We will try again another day.

Ava with Uncle Mike and Uncle Eric


It was a lovely Thanksgiving at the Sansbury's this year. We enjoyed great food and great company from family that we do not see nearly enough. I did not take very many pictures but here were a few I did take.
Chris and Mama

Ava and Marvin the Cat

Friday, November 21, 2008

She's mobile!!!

Ava is finally crawling!! She isn't real fast yet but she is on the move. I am going to spend the weekend Ava-proofing the down stairs!!
Sorry I've been slow with the post. I have been busy and I need new batteries for one of the cameras. When I get batteries I will post some video.

We love our neighbor!!

Here are some pictures of the $700 worth of damage a tree from our yard did to our neighbor's car. Last Saturday at about 5:30am I heard a loud boom. I looked out the window and saw that this dead tree that Chris had been meaning to cut down fell in the neighbor's yard. I could see that it missed their house so I thought we were good. Then at about 8:00 I heard the doorbell ring and knew right away who it was. It was the neighbor and the tree hit her car. We thought it was only the windshield, but when they took it in it also dented the hood. Needless to say we had to pay the $700 to get the car fixed. Merry Christmas to us!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Girl's Night Out.....Painting Pottery

So it is that time of the month again...... Girl's Night Out!!!! My favorite time of the month is when some girls from work get together and do something fun. This paticular night out I was really excited about. Leisa came up with a great idea for us to go to a place called All Fired Up and paint our own pottery. I have been looking online for a few months on a plate for Ava to use on her birthdays. I hadn't found just what I was looking for so when Leisa suggested going to a place where we could paint our own pottery I knew that would be perfect for me to make Ava's birthday plate. I wanted something special that she will be able to eat off of for her birthdays every year. There were so many pieces to choose from that it was really hard to decide but finally I found just the plate that I had imagined. It was very stressful at first picking out colors and deciding how I was going to design the plate because I knew it would be something that I will be seeing for years to come. After a lot of thought I started to paint it. I am not that creative or artistic so i started off really nervous but after awhile I got the hang of it and I am really excited about how it turned out. I won't get to see the final product until Wednesday because they have to be fired.

Lindsey painting a present for Grant for his birthday

Group shot: me, Christina, Lindsey, Leisa, and Cheryl The plate before the paint

Ta da!! The colors will be darker once fired but you get the idea!!

I don't know what we are doing next month for Girl's Night Out but this night is going to be hard to beat!!! We had so much fun we are thinking about going back next week to paint something else.