Saturday, December 31, 2011


Not sure if Santa brought this for Ava or Daddy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Babyland General and Helen

Jennifer, Natasha, and I decided to brave it once again with the kids and make the 2 hour ride to Babyland General so the kids could check out the Cabbage Patch dolls. We borrowed Jennifer's mom's van and loaded up and headed to Cleveland. Of course Babyland took all of 30 minutes so we decided to make the most of the day and ventured into Helen. We had lunch and let the kids play in a nice little park. It was a fun day and the kids had fun.

 Mariah, Ariana, Aidan, and Ava
 Waiting for a baby to be born

 Ava's new doll Natalee Carla

** I hope that Ava loves her new Cabbage Patch as much as I loved mine. So far she has taken her everywhere and is feeding her and changing her all the time. I really want for Ava to love dolls like I did. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Embrey Christmas

This year we did Christmas a little different with the Embrey side. Uncle Steve was so generous and decided that rather than having Kay slave all day over food he would have Christmas catered. Chris and I volunteered to have it at our house since we have the most space and we were excited to use the new dining room table that was Meemaw's. It was fabulous!! The cater set everything up and we did not have to do a thing. The food was delicious and she decorated the dining room so nice. Kay arranged the menu and I just thought everything was wonderful. It was great not worrying about cooking, setting up, or even cleaning up. 

 Ava and Uncle Steve

                    Ava and Grandpa

  My Holiday Barbie

Uncle Brandon

 Aunt Adrienne and Ava

                 Best coconut cake I have ever had

 James and Uncle Brandon
Hannah and Aunt Adrienne

Christmas Day at The Sansbury's

Christmas at Mom and Dad's. We have breakfast at our house so everyone can see what Santa brought, lunch at Mom and Dad's then open presents with them, then went back to our house for the Embrey Christmas. 

 Waiting for her turn to open a present
 Daddy opening a present
 Meme watching presents being opened

           Ping waiting for his turn

 New panda dress Santa brought
 Uncle Grant

Presents from Geech and Grant: Leapfrog Tag reader and books
From Meme and Ping: 4 movies, make up doll, hat, makeup set, bath soap, dress up shoes