Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Program

Ava's school has been practicing this little Christmas program for weeks and Ava was so exciting to sing her song and recite her Bible verse. Well unfortunately the program was not until 7 and since this little princess goes to bed at 7 we had a meltdown on stage. Not sure if it was all the people or she was just tired but as soon as her class started singing she started crying. Mrs. Thompson the principal got her off stage and handed her to me. She just kept saying she was ready to go home and go to bed. Everyone thinks we are so mean putting her to bed so early, but when it comes close to 7 this girl is D-O-N-E and ready to be in her bed. Luckily the program was only about 20 minutes so we watched all her friends and then went home and she went straight to bed.

 too much for her

 One of Ava's favorite people and her 3rd grandmother Ms. Karen- I don't know what we would do without Ms. Karen at school. She takes care of Ava and Ava just loves her so much!!
this was before the program with her buddy Parker

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