Saturday, January 30, 2010

Class Pet

Ava checking him out for the first time

Here is the newest addition to our family. He is a Winter White Hamster. No he isn't food for the snakes!! I actually got him for my classroom but I will be bringing him home on weekends and breaks. Chris and I wanted to get one for Ava back during the summer, but after I held one at PetSmart and he jumped out of my hand onto the floor we decided we should wait until she got a little older. However my kids at school bambooselled me into getting one for them. I have had several class pets in the past but this is my first hamster. He is really cute and sweet. Chris and I have both held him a lot today and he has done great. He just sniffs around in your hand and sits and watches. I don't plan on letting my kids handle him but I would like for me to be able to hold him in the classroom. His name is Mr.Jimmy after our favorite custodian at school. Hopefully I won't regret this decision when I take this poor little furry creature into a room of 21 3rd graders!! We practiced all week with a cage full of Zhu Zhu pets to make sure we were ready for a class pet. I know my class will be super excited about Mr. Jimmy!!! I will try to post pictures next week of my kids with their new friend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ava Lea's 2nd Birthday Party

I am embarrassed to say but we really didn't do a good job taking pictures at her party. I am really sad that we didn't get more pictures, but I was busy so these are the best I got. We did video tape the party, but I wish we had taken more pictures. Oh well here are some that we did get. I tried to keep he party small this year and simple.

Meme made the cake. I think she did a fabulous job considering it had been probably 20 years since she made a birthday cake. I think she has a new job for birthdays as baker.
Family shot
This is the best picture of the dress and the boots
Ava and James ( this pictures just cracks us up)
Ping and Nana
Ava and Dallas
Ava and Nicole
Ava and Uncle Barry ( this is my favorite)
Christina and Katie
Ava and Hannah saying goodbye. It was really sweet. They hugged bye then Ava whispered to Hannah " I wuves you"

Happy Birthday Ava Lea

Can you believe this sweet little girl is 2 years old? I know time flies when you are having fun.

* I am working on finding the pictures from the party that Chris has erased from my memory card and hid on the computer somewhere....GRRRRR

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mommy's New Car

I am so excited!!! I got my first brand new car ever today!! I have had a lot of cars but this is my first brand new off the lot. 2010 Acura TSX. Since it was raining today I didn't take any picture of me in it but here are some pictures at the dealership. It is dark grey with taupe leather interior. It is so nice and I love it!!! I will post some more pictures when the rain stops.