Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surgery Day

 We had to be at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at 6:00am so it was a very long day. Ava was a champ about getting up and I thought she would sleep until we got there, but she didn't. She woke up ready to go!!
 New Princess Bear from Natasha, Mariah, and Sadie
 Nana and Ava before they took her back

 Grandpa and Nana

 Meme and Ping
 Children's Healthcare was such a nice place and before the surgery Ava got to pick out a toy from their huge toy closet. She picked out a makeup set. I'm sure Dr. Lipsky was so happy she had on lip gloss for her surgery.

Everything with the surgery went great. The bump was just like she had before except this one had just gone really bad. It was not a tumor and after 3-4 stitches it is gone. It looked so much better even right after the surgery. 
It was pretty rough after the surgery and Ava felt bad and was really grumpy. She laid around all day and got caught up on her rest.


Erica said...

Glad everything went well. CHOA is an awesome place and I know You were in the best hands possible. Praising God for a successful surgery!

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