Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Steps!!

Ava finally took her first steps today!!! The bad news is our camera was packed up and headed to Daytona and the video camera was dead. Chris and I both saw her do it so that was cool but I don't have it on tape or a picture. Oh well not the first time I've dropped the ball on taking pictures. I also didn't take any pictures of Ava in the snow. Actually we didn't even go out in the snow. We were headed to Newnan Sunday in the snow storm to our nephew James's birthday when we saw this terrible accident and had to turn around and head home. Needless to say it was awful and Chris and I had had enough of the snow by the time we got home. So no snow fun for us!!

We are headed to Daytona tomorrow for Bike week with Chris's parents and Ava will be staying with my parents so i guess she will be walking much better by the time we get home on Sunday. Anyways I will post pictures from bike week next week. We have never been but from what I hear it is pretty crazy!!

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