Friday, May 15, 2009

Carnival at CIE

We had our 2nd Spring carnival at CIE tonight and Ava had a blast!! She started her night off with Meme 2(Wanda) eating a rice krispy treat, oatmeal creme pie, and cheetos. Then she moved on to whoever she could find that would let her run free. As you know I have no shame in pawning her off. I call it a dump and run. I let you hold her then I walk off and you are stuck with her. Well tonight was no different. Ava made her way around Cotton Indian from teachers to parents to anyone who would take her. I did get out the monkey backpack aka harness/leash. While some may say it is cruel ( well lots of people actually) Ava really likes it. Plus she is super fast and he keeps her from getting too far away from you. 
Getting ready to go
Katie in the dunk tank
Eating junk food with Meme 2

"Yeah I got on a harness so what!"
Leigh* hanging out with Ava. Leigh who is due in September with a baby girl is probably going to be adding a leash to her registry really soon!!
Yes Leigh she is a runner

* Leigh is a faithful blog reader so I'm glad you finally made it on here!!


Anonymous said...

HAHA...How Funny, Haydyn has the same leash and he LOVES it too!! We have got to get together to let them play!!

Leigh said...

Wow! those are funny pics! But she WAS lovin' that "freedom band". Semantics! Can't decide which mother's day dress I like best.... both too cute!

Alyssa said...

Hey, Mrs. Embrey! It's Alyssa with Jesse Pitt over at my house. He wanted to see your blog and I'm teaching him how to leave comments. And Jesse says Hi. I'm not sure that you know him but he thinks he will be in your class next year. I think he should be. He needs a great teacher like you. Plus he's hooked on twilight too. so we'll leave comments soon.