Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Friday Chelsey came to visit with the twins Chance and Lauryn. Ava loves looking at their pictures and talking about them but I wasn't really sure how she would do with them in person. Since Chelsey lives in Ohio this was the first time we had actually seen them. Ava wasted no time wanting to hold them. She hopped right up on the sofa and wanted to hold them. She wanted to hold them both at the same time but we convinced her to hold them one at a time.

Even Chris held Chance. I think this is a cute picture of them spending some man time together!!

AVa and Chance

It was pretty sweet watching Ava with the babies. She would hold their heads and just rub their little arms. She actually did a lot better with them than I expected. And no just because she liked the babies doesn't mean we will be getting one for her. Sorry Nana but we are done!! I'm sure she can wait for Uncle Eric or Geech to have a baby!!

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