Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Magic Bullet

Chris loves gadgets and gizmos of all kinds. He is always buying something new that is the latest greatest thing ever. We have so much "stuff" around here it is crazy. Well this weekend he bought a Magic Bullet. If you have never seen a magic bullet it is basically a small blender like contraption where you can make frozen drinks, smoothies, salsa, and apparently baby food. So far this week we have had all kinds if smoothies, milkshakes, and even soup that Chris made. Chris thought it would be cool and healthy if he made Ava's baby food. He has a plan to make the baby food and put it in ice trays to freeze it in little frozen blocks that we can thaw when we are ready to serve them to her. Okay good idea but I didn't really think he would go through with it, but he did. When I got home from work with Ava he had her snack already prepared and sitting on the table. It was bright green and I wasn't sure what it was, but it was broccoli. So today I let Chris feed Ava her snack of broccoli instead of her usual fruit. As you can see from the pictures Ava was not wild about homemade baby food. Of course we kept giving it to her because it was hilarious to watch. She didn't like the broccoli but she did like the fruit smoothie that Chris made for me. I guess we will see if Chris is going to go into the baby food business??? Meanwhile if you need something blended we now own a Magic Bullet ( which is actually pretty cool).

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Glenn and Angela said...

The last face is the best!! Sort of a cross between "what the heck is in my mouth?" and "I think I'm gonna throw up!". So cute!!!