Sunday, September 7, 2008

Smocked Dresses

Ava has some of the most beautiful smocked dresses that were made for her. Some were made by my Grandmother's best friend and some were made by Aunt Lindsey's mother-in-law from Aunt Lindsey. They have been hanging in her closet and we really just haven't gone a lot of special places for her to wear them to. They are so pretty that I have really been hoarding them. I decided today that they are just to pretty to just hang in the closet and collect dust so we wore one today just because!! She looked to beautiful that we are just going to wear them even if it isn't a special occasion. They are actually very soft material and I think Ava was really compfy in it. I can't wait until Christmas because Meme has already put in an order for some holiday dresses!! Thanks Aunt Lindsey and Mama for the wonderful smocked dresses!!
The pictures in the carseat were taken before we went out shopping and the ones on the couch were taken when we got home and Ava was ill, hungry, and tired so we didn't get a smile. Oh well she still looked cute!!

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Erica Shaddix said...

That dress is gorgeous...and color looks really pretty on Ava.