Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dove, Duck, and Deer

Saturday we went over to Uncle Grant and Aunt Lindsey's to have dinner and watch the game. Grant had been hunting so we had all the poor little animals he killed dove, duck, and deer. Everything was very good and Chris even ate some deer.

Aunt Lindsey thought it would be fun to give Ava a nice sticky messy sucker. Then Meme thought it would be fun to let her get all sticky and get it all over her shirt.
She did love it and was really sad when it was gone. Then we had to go and get a bath.
Ping doing his football pose with Uncle Mike's Bulldog helmet. He looks so serious.....
I'm pretty sure Uncle Mike pinched her or something. She was really happy and then bam she is crying. Notice Uncle Mike has a red mark on his forehead that is from wearing the football helmet all day.

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