Friday, October 17, 2008

The Painting

Ava's painting is done and it is AWESOME!!! The art teacher at Cotton Indian Margaret Holcombe did this fabulous portrait of Ava from a snapshot of her sitting on the floor in our living room. I had a hard time taking a picture that I really liked so I wasn't sure how the painting would turn out but I think she did an awesome job. It really captures Ava's personality and looks so life like. I have to wait about a month before I can frame it so it is sitting in a box top on the table. I am not sure where to hang it yet, but I have several ideas. I am so excited at the way it turned out that I already want another one!! Chris thinks we should get one of Barley too. It would be cute if we can get a good picture of Ava and Barley...... we will see I guess.

1 comment:

leigh w. said...

Rach! it IS wonderful! I love that she captured Ava's personality - not that it is hard when you are THAT cute!!