Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festival at Cotton Indian

Halloween night was our fall festival at Cotton Indian. This year I talked Chris into going (a big accomplishment since he hates that kind of thing). Ava looked super cute and I think she had a good time people watching and being the center of attention all night. She was the cutest kangeroo there!!

Ava won the cake walk for Grandpa.
Ava and Aunt Katie ( Katie is wearing her bootcamp shirt which we finished on Thursday. By the way I lost a lot of inches and 7% body fat plus ran a mile in 10 minutes!!)

One of my favorite former students Dallas!! Great costume by the way. The whole familiy was decked out in the best costumes there!!

Okay Chris does look a little bored in this picture but he had an okay time. He has to get used to these kinds of things now that we have Ava!!

Dallas and Ava

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