Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Topher!!!

Here we are at the Japanese Steakhouse for Topher's birthday. On the Sansbury side we always go out to eat for birthdays and the birthday person gets to choose where we eat. Chris picked the Japanese Steakhouse.
Ava with her Meme and Ping

Ava got a little ill because she was hungry and I didn't have a bottle. Not totally my fault. Lindsey picked her up from the sitter and kept her at Mom and Dad's house so I didn't pack her a bag because they have everything Ava needs at their house and I don't have to worry about bringing anything. So when we met at 6 to eat she hadn't eaten in awhile and I didn't bring her diaper bag and Lindsey didn't either. Long story short I had to run to Kroger and buy formula and problem solved!!

Ava and her Aunt Lindsey

I must say Aunt Lindsey has done a much better job with Ava than anyone expected ( sorry Lindsey), but you know we just weren't sure about Lindsey with a baby. She is not really a child person. But Lindsey really came through keeping Ava when I went back to work and when we need a sitter. Plus Ava loves her Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Grant.

PS: We went to La Parilla Wednesday night with Ava's Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Shane for Chris's birthday too but Chris wouldn't let me take a picture. He thinks I am getting carried away with the blog.... Pictures to come soon with Nana and Grandpa I promise!!

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