Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty Weather

Saturday was such a beautiful day that like most everyone we spent the day outside soaking up some much needed sun. If you know Chris you know that he loves to buy toys. Saturday we went to BJs and Chris and Mike decided that we had to have a bean bag toss. I thought it was pretty stupid ( as I do for much of the things that Chris buys) but said whatever. Anyways we got home and Mike and Chris played and me and Ava watched. After awhile the boys convinced me to play and to my surprise and theirs I was pretty good. I beat Chris and Mike several times until they started switching up the rules and moved the board way far back and it was hard for me to throw. Anyways it was fun and Ava enjoyed watching. Needless to say the next day my arm was really sore from throwing!!

She does look like a ragamuffin but she had thrown up on her other outfit and her hair is a mess!
Action shot of Mike

Probably my best sport... I guess their really isn't a lot of competion...

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