Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Aunt Lindsey and I took Ava to see Santa on Monday. When I first sat her in his lap she didn't look at him and was fine. She didn't smile, but she didn't cry. Then Santa thought it would make a nice picture if he looked at her and she looked at him. The picture was perfect and all was good. then she turned her head away from him and started crying. I went and picked her up and she held on to me like her life depended on it. It was really sort of funny to watch but not so funny to Ava. Santa was really nice and came and stood by the tree with us so we could get some pictures with my camera. I didn't have the good camera so the pictures Lindsey took are not great (Santa looks good, but my eyes are closed and Ava is trying grab the tree on my shirt).

This was one of the pictures for the Christmas cards. This is a good picture because her new thing is sticking her tongue out.

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