Friday, November 18, 2011

A job I could never do

We had our annual Science Olympiad at school and I invited one of my parents who is a fireman to come in and talk to the kids about his job and heat. He was so funny with the kids and had some amazing stories about his job. I think being a fireman is an awesome job, but my goodness was that gear HEAVY!!! He thought it would be cool for the kids to see me embarrass myself by trying to get into the gear quickly. I did okay jumping into the boots ( well I guess jumping into the boots isn't really what I did, I stumbled in) and then he showed me a cool way to throw the jacket over my head. Again I was not so good at that either. Then he put the oxygen on my back and the helmet. It was so heavy. He said it weighed about 80 pounds. I mean 80 pounds is like having a child on you at all times.  Then to think these guys and girls run at full speed into a burning building. Yikes!! It really gave me a much greater appreciation for these guys and gals who risk their lives to save ours. Definitely a cool job but something I could never do, I could barely move 2 feet to take a picture.

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