Sunday, September 26, 2010

BabyLand General

We promised Ava if she pooped in the potty for a whole week we would take her to BabyLand and let her pick out a baby. So she had a great week using the potty so on Sunday we drove 2 hours to Cleveland, Georgia to visit BabyLand. Geech just couldn't miss a trip to BabyLand so her and Uncle Grant came along for the trip. BabyLand has a new location since we were kids but the inside is pretty much the same.

Ava sitting in the cabbage chair

Uncle Grant and Geech

Holding a baby in the nursery (not the baby she picked)

Look at all those babies up for adoption

Waiting at Mother Cabbage for her next delivery ( the baby that was born was a girl and she was named Audrey Lea)

Ava got to pick out any doll she wanted and she chose this little Cabbage Patch who looks like Snow White

A patch of cabbage babies

Pushing Snow White around

It was a really fun trip and Ava is loving her Snow White baby. I wish it were closer so we could visit more often. Geech and I loved going when we were little girls and I think Ava will love going back again!!

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