Friday, June 18, 2010

Princess Bed

Ava and I had a deal that when she started pooping in the potty she could sleep in her "princess bed" aka the big bed. Well yesterday she finally pooped in the potty. She has been peeing in the potty for a few weeks but we just could not get her to poop in there. We have a whole mantle full of presents for her when she finally gets it under control including a Tinkerbell doll, some princess books, a sucker, and a wrapped present. We have been trying to bribe her with anything. She told me Tuesday that I could give all her presents to her friend Canon because he pooped in the potty and she didn't want to. So this week she asked if she could start sleeping in the princess bed. I have been holding off moving her in the big bed because hopefully we will be moving in the next few months and I was just going to wait until we get in the new house to make the transition. Plus we will be redoing her room and I just thought that would be easier. But when she wanted to go ahead and start sleeping in the big bed I figured we would try adding in the going to the potty. Well as of yesterday she went poop in the potty 3 times. So I let her sleep in her big bed. I checked on her several times and she was still in the bed and doing great. I don't know how she did this morning because she was asleep when I left (to take Eric to get his treatment) and Meme was there with her. So hopefully as long as she keeps pooping in the potty she will be making the transition to her princess bed!!

Waiting for Mommy to read her Jesus story for the night.

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