Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes we are Alive!!

Sorry it has been awhile since the last post. Things have been crazy busy and the laptop has been acting up. We are trying to get our routine back to normal and then I will be better about blogging. With my return to work I have been to grumpy to blog and way too tired!! Fortunately I am getting settled in and should be back to normal hopefully next week.

This school year has been really crazy. I have 23 kids which has been a huge adjustment, and have been trying to stay on top of things. We have about 400 new kids to the school and it has been very chaotic. Since I am really not good with change it has been a tough year so far. It reminds me of my first year teaching all over. Plus I am grade chair and going back to school myself. I'm hanging in, but will be glad for a break soon. Everyday things get a little better so I know I will make it.

On a postive note Ava started her new school at North Henry Baptist. She is loving it and everyone there loves her!! She is the youngest girl and the only girl in her class so all the teachers are just crazy about her. She has adjusted so well and loves going everyday. I have also been amazed at how much she has learned the last 2 weeks. Her vocabulary has increased and she has been singing all kind of songs she has learned. She is really turning into a little lady.

Well that is about it. Sorry I don't have any pictures but we got a new computer and I haven't downloaded any pictures lately. Actually I haven't really taken any pictures. I'll get better!!

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