Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday pictures

Here are some pictures from the birthday party finally. Sorry they are not in order I put them in wrong and couldn't get them to move so oh well. Thanks to Morrelle who did a great job taking pictures. The day was a huge success and we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Ava got so many neat presents and is having a blast with all her new toys and clothes.

Not a great picture but I was trying to show her ladybug dress

After bath with Nana
Okay maybe black icing was not a great idea

Jennifer and Aiden, Erica and Ella, Kora and Kate

Family shot
Sure grandpa I'll put it in my hair

Daddy did a great job helping Ava open up all her presents

The table

Aunt Lindsey did an awesome job with the ladybug cake
I actually made the cookies for all of you who thought I couldn't cook
It is hard to believe that Ava's first year has gone by so fast. It has been a very bitter sweet time for me because I love her getting older and doing more stuff but I am so sad that she isn't a baby anymore. NO I don't want another baby I just don't want my baby growing up so fast. Thank you to everyone who came to the party. It was truely an amazing day and Ava loved it!!

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